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September 2014 Board Minutes

ASMP So FL Board Meeting Minutes 


119 W. Oakland Park Blvd. Oakland Park, FL 33311 La Molienda Restaurant


Board of Directors In Attendance: 

1. Liz Dawes-Ordoñez 

2. Tom Salyer 

3. Deborah Gray Mitchell

4. Vincent deVries

5. Gonzalo Villota- Treasurer

6. Jim Eisele – Social Media/Website

Officers Absent: Michael Cushman – Secretary, with notice & Sandy Levy – with Proxy Deborah 


OFFICERS UPDATES: Steven Martine will participate as an event Chair when the opportunity & his schedule allows due to the 2-3 hour drive from Stuart, FL 

MEETING CHAIR: Liz Dawes-Ordoñez


Guests: Michael Whitaker, Luz Silva, Martha Perez, Diego Rodriguez, Brian Szeliga, Pascal Dephul, Karim Harrigan 





Sandy Levy, Membership Chairman

ASSOCIATE: 40 (45 previously)

EMERGING ASSOC: 20 (22 previously)

PROFESSIONAL: 70 (74 previously)

INDIVIDUAL AFFILIATE: 4 (5 previously)

LIFE: 24 (20 previously)

STUDENT: 50 (65 previously)

MERIT: 1 (1 previously)

ASSOCIATE PLUS: 4 (7previously)

TOTAL MEMBERS: 213 (229 last year at this time) (-16 from one year ago, 6% decrease in members from one year ago)


Financial Report: by Gonzalo Villota

As of today, September 9, 2014 the current bank account balance is $1,179.52

There are no pending transactions nor outstanding obligations besides the 

storage payments ($35.44) that are now monthly debited directly from the 

chapters account and the bank monthly service fee ($17).

The amount in cash is $167

The last voucher from national reported (July ending) $3,829.71 

Gonzalo will submit an Expense Voucher to ASMP National for the amount of $69.44 after our meeting tomorrow. He is waiting until 9/10 in case there other expenses.

Liz Dawes-Ordoñez has a Publix gift card with balance of $114.59

$5,290.82 less current expenses = $5,185.94


Deborah brought chapter’s projector & Diego Rodriguez volunteered to put it in 

storage & confirm to Board when it’s done.


Liz made a motion to pay for storage in advance on 12/13/2014, for Jan & Feb if we need to spend funds held by National prior to end of 2014. Location of new 

Chapter President will determine if storage location remains. 

Vincent seconded the motion. Final Vote: All Directors were in favor.

Gonzalo will take care of payment 


Liz made a motion to purchase 5 gift cards from Publix & Costco in $100 increments totaling $500 before year end. 4 Cards from Costco and 1 card from Publix

Deborah seconded this motion. Final Vote: All Directors were in favor.

Volunteer with COSTCO card needed to buy gift cards 


Liz made a motion to purchase ASMP shirts for Board Member & Volunteers to be worn when they represent Chapter at ASMP Table with a maximum expense of $300. 

Deborah seconded this motion. Final Vote: All Directors were in favor.

Steven Martine volunteered to research cost of shirts

Vincent made a motion to purchase ASMP Books and other materials needed with a maximum expense of $200. 

Liz seconded this motion. Final Vote: All Directors were in favor.

Volunteer needed to place order with National 


Topic Discussed: Satellite Meetings

On Sep 9, 2014, at 4:18 PM, James Eisele wrote:

I'd like to propose we move forward with at least testing satellite meetings for some of the areas 50+ miles from the core area where meetings currently take place (Ft Lauderdale/Miami) This would include areas like the Keys, SW FL (Naples/Ft Myers area), Northern Palm Beach County, Martin/St Lucie Counties, etc. I'd like to discuss what these would look like, boundaries, frequency, available resources, etc.

All Directors & guest members support the idea of producing events in remote metro areas as suggested above. Step 1 is identifying members who would like to act as Coordinators and Step 2 is having a live or pre-recorded program to screen with a live social component. As soon as the opportunities arise, we will move forward to try this. 


Topic Discussed: ASMP recommended + other programs for Fall 2014 

most popular listed below: 

The Future of Editorial Photography with Brian Smith

New Media Secrets: Marketing your message with Rosh Sillars

Taking Charge of What You Charge with Maria Piscopo

Using Drones – Paul Morris

Recent Advertising Campaign – Pete Barrett


Topic: ASMP So FL website

Liz will send out to members a call for short videos and link of George Kamper’s video to be posted after George approves.

Jim will work with Pete Dyson to create platform on


Project Name: Fall Party 

Team Participants: All Board Members 

Proposed Event Date: Friday NOV 21st, 2014 

Proposed Themes: 

1. Showcase ASMP So FL star talent: motion & still (Pascal’s idea)

2. Invite persons who hire photographers and show portfolios (Steven’s idea)

3. Networking social – Indie Film Club and other motion organizations 

(Vincent’s idea)

VENUE: LaserNet Studio just off I-95 and Ives Dairy Road – Deborah will ask if NOV 21,2014 is available and if we can have a morning and/or afternoon program on same day

Current Stage: Proposal 

CALL TO ACTION: Need to incubate ideas from Board/guests, confirm date with LaserNet 

Populating the ASMP So FL event calendar for 2014-2015


Team Participants: All Board Members & Member Volunteers

Event Date if Applicable: ONGOING

Brief description of Project: Send in your ideas for new programs, including relevant events by other organizations & companies who are already producing programs or events. ASMP SFL will provide support through promotion to our members and non-member in our roster plus volunteers. 

Current Stage: ONGOING Effort

CALL TO ACTION by Board Members: Please keep your eyes open for programs you personally are interested in and programs events we can partner with 


TOPIC Discussed: Help high school start a photography program

From: "Murphy, Kevin" <>Subject: Donations of used equipment

Date: September 10, 2014 12:02:26 PM EDTI am a teacher at American Senior High School in Miami-Dade. We are trying to start a photography program. We have no supplies nor budget. what we do have are students with a strong desire to experience photography and possibly make it their profession. I am trying to reach out to various organizations in an attempt to get some of our basic needs met. We would be deeply grateful for anything that we would receive. Items such as old film or digital cameras, old light tripods etc. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration. Kevin Murphy 305-557-3770 American Senior High Board is in favor of assisting Mr. Murphy and the discussion will be continued via ASMP So FL Yahoo Group due to lack of time during board meeting