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Michelle Tricca

As an ASMP Professional member, what are you hoping to gain?  

It’s very important to me to have a strong network of photography industry professionals and to work and act w seamless integrity, consistency & reliability. We’re a unique and passionate tribe. With this art, the process of learning never stops. The info & education derived from the speakers in different genres of photography is valuable. The reason I chose ASMP is that 20 years ago, fresh out of college, I moved to Southern California. I became good friends with the Canon & Kodak reps in that area, which is rich in a supportive network of working professionals. They often brought me to ASMP events. From the start, I was surrounded by mentors who were tops in their fields of photojournalism, documentary photography, fashion and surf photography. At these events, I was learning from the likes of National Geographic photographers. The bar was set high for me from the get-go in terms of quality of work & wisdom on image making as not only my art but my business. I appreciate the value of an active like-minded professional community focused on sharing stories, educating on business practices & licensing, keeping standards high and maintaining the integrity of our industry.

© Michelle Tricca

Within your abilities, how can you add to the photographic community?

My contribution is sharing experience & encouragement with my colleagues regarding developing your own style, valuing and earning a living from your work, managing shoots, pretty much anything I’ve learned along the way that can help others to succeed. I’m still learning from my mentors. I like the pay-it-forward mentality. Photography has been my way of life and profession for 2 decades and I’m looking forward to evolving gracefully w my fellow ASMP members for decades to come!!

Was there a defining turning point in your career that led you to become a 

professional in the photography industry?

Yes, and I address this specifically in my artist statement. Since taking an art photography class to fulfill a broadcast journalism degree in college, and spending the entire semester in the darkroom, there was no doubt this is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. A near death car crash the following year solidified my commitment to keeping true to my heart. Healing from my injuries was the beginning of my bucket list & I booked my dream trip to East Africa. I got a small sponsorship for film & camera gear from Kodak + Canon. The resulting images landed my work in Simon & Schuster’s Macmillan’s Dictionary for Children.

© Michelle Tricca

What keeps you passionate about being a photographic professional? 

I’ve always been a visual person. Photography is not only my career but my lifestyle. I think like a photographer. Day to day, whatever I’m looking at, I’m sorting out how I would make a picture … how I’d light it, what angle I’d shoot from, which lens would be appropriate… When I’m not making images for clients, I’m making them for myself. I love the emotion a strong photograph can evoke. When I see a client shedding tears of joy over their portrait or wedding images, I feel such pride in my chosen career path. Photography is the only thing I have never lost interest in.

© Michelle Tricca

Is there anything that you would like to share about your photographic 

endeavors/interests with the other members of ASMP?

I love working on personal projects and encourage other photographers to pursue their own. If you have an idea you may think is outlandish, all the more reason to manifest and make it happen. I love the impact of photographs displayed big and bold. In 2011, I produced “A Face In The Crowd,” a photo mural, a photographic tribute to human diversity. It was a collaborative project between the people of Naples, FL and me as the artist. I photographed 900 faces of every walk of life and plastered the portraits to the side of an industrial building. My intent was to have the viewer look up close rather than gloss over an anonymous person. This was basically my portfolio visible to the public for its 9 month duration. The mural brought a lot of recognition and I’m still booking work from people who were part of it or heard about it. Stand apart. Develop a niche. It’s great when someone can look at a photograph and know “Michelle Tricca shot that.” (The portrait of me was taken in front of a portion of my photo mural A FACE IN THE CROWD, holding an award for public art that I was recognized with by the City of Naples. Photo by Cesar Alsina)

© Cesar Alsina

I am based in Naples, FL & travel the world for assignment & personal work.