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May 2014 Board Minutes

ASMP South Florida Board Meeting May 13th, 2014

TYE Studios


Board Members in attendance:

Liz Dawes Ordonez, Michael Cushman, Tom Salyer, James Eisele (by Phone), Deborah Gray Mitchell & Gonzalo Villota.

Absent: Vincent DeVries, Sandy Levy (Proxy for Sandy =  Tom Salyer)

Others in attendance:

Christina Schmitt, Joel Antione, Pascal Depuhl, Dolores Soding, Larry Levine, Brian Szeliga, & Diego Rodriguez,

Officers Updates: Gonzalo Villota = Treasurer

Meeting Convened: 7:39pm

This is the Last Meeting at TYE.

We must be done and everything cleaned up & removed by 9pm. We will remove the bins from the storage area at TYE and find suitable storage at another location. Diego R. will research storage companies near highway.

Board needs a new meeting location. Possible Locations: Miami Ad School, Barry University, Liz’s House, Tom’s House,

Deborah will contact studio near Ives Dairy rd. (on Thursday 5/15/14)- possible location for an event.


George Kamper- program

Program will be held May 20th at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Gonzalo created the flyer.

All Board Members: Please read task sheet to help with program any way you can. Promote the event on personal Facebook and other social media.

-Liz- will contact Jody Berkshire at AIFL to see how many seats are available for guests of the event.

-Larry- Will review current inventory & purchase blocks of cheese, grapes and wine for the event. Deborah will help him set up but cannot buy food. 



Liz made a motion to store bins with a commercial storage company near highway for about $20 per month. Deborah seconded the motion. All Board members in attendance voted in favor. 

Liz made a motion, Deborah seconded the motion, to spend up to $25.00 on a combination lock for the storage unit, so any Board member can access to pick up materials or bins for events. All Board members in attendance voted in favor.  


List of ASMP sponsored programs will not be available until after National Board Meets in late summer. We need ideas for a summer meetings.  

- Since pricing continues to be a hot topic, Liz is considering presenting pricing & estimating workshop/seminar. We can invite other members who are willing to share their prices and/or contracts.


Seth Resnick’s “Seeing Color” program

The Seth Resnick Seminar will be held at the Armory Art Center

1700 Parker Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Team Participants: Chair - Jim Eisele, Co-chair - Ben Rusnak, Steven Martine  

Project's Stage: Planning & Pre-production 

Event Date: Tuesday, June 10th 2014 (in lieu of Board meeting)

Brief description of Project:  same as event at Barry

            -Jim- Needs to select a photo for the poster and revise the volunteer task sheet.

            -Michael- Create EventBrite event to help promote event. (copy previous event and change the venue, date & ALL asmp members may attend for free!)

            -All Board- Promote the event to reach new photographers and other artists that may be interested in the event.



End of season, summer kick off idea

"Dog Days of Summer"

Liz made a motion, Deborah second the event. All Board members in attendance voted in favor.

The “W” Hotel or Harbor Beach Marriott may be possible venues.  

Photo show theme: Dog days of summer –any visual interpretation of idiom  

Budget and parking: to be discussed via yahoo group.

Possible date for event will be between Tuesday, July 15th and Sunday, July 20th.



Capture Integration may sponsor a Kureig Machine for coffee or tea at meetings. Around $300 for the machine, and around $30 a month for k-cups. Machine will have their information attached to it.



Tom Salyer may create a seminar about recording high quality sound, or a possible video seminar series. It could be a hands-on seminar about using equipment you already have.

Fundamentals: Part 1, Basic Movements: Part 2, Part 3?   Board to talk more about it later.



“TEN” Portfolio Review (1st annual?)


Team Participants: All Board Members 

Event Date 10/10/14???

- WHERE: Ai or another photography school (Ai under construction)

- WHO: 10 Working pros to review student's work (invite students from other schools?)

- WHAT: 10 minutes per session (Plus 2 minutes to switch out yields roughly  = 100 time slots during 2 hours) Each student gets two, 10 min. reviews. If there are time slots open, participants can have their portfolio reviewed by a third pro.

-Possible Collaterals: Have sponsor(s) for prize(s) and have Pros select a winner of the "Annual ASMP So FL TEN Award"?, such as a camera or portfolio from XYZ Co.?

-Serve Refreshments



Attendance Policy

Deborah asked about attendance policy. Liz will send to yahoo group. Certain tasks may be completed by a Committee chair, which does not require a position on the Board. Board positions need to remain open to member leaders willing and able to do the work of the Board for the benefit of the chapter and bring new ideas to move the chapter forward.




Chapter expenses paid for by a Board member may be submitted to Christine Chandler directly via email only if the following criteria are met:

a) the expense was pre-approved by the Board and

b) a courtesy copy email of the paid receipt & request for re-imbursement is sent to the Board’s yahoo forum at prior to payment being made from Chapter funds by National office.

Treasurer will keep records of these monies being paid out.

-Larry Levine was given the Publix gift card valued at $221.09 to purchase cheese, grapes and wine for the George Kamper event. The Board approved budget for events is $200 to $250.00.

8:58pm Meeting adjourned.